Natural pure energy surrounds us in different forms of frequency.

Our tools are developed to simulate those harmony frequencies to fine-tune ourselves with their  resonance.


Mandala Resonator


We are proud to offer a technology designed to harmonize the body's energetic and informational fields by nourishing and strengthening its weaker elements while rectifying any discordant energy.

We are pleased to introduce the Light Mandalas Tools, a product that harnesses the power of pure sacred geometric resonant light refracted through crystals.

Our team of international scientists has collaborated to share our extensive research and study in the fields of Light Nutrition, Photobiotics, Sacred Geometry, and Crystals, with the aim of creating instruments that enhance life, health, and well-being.

Healing Coherent Light

The Light Mandalas Tools generate resonant, bio-compatible light fields by emitting sacred geometric light fields that are transformed through the molecular structures of crystals into balancing and harmonizing fields of light.

7Chakra Activator


An effective and fast-acting device that utilizes a unique combination of magnetic frequency field, light, and sound to structure specific areas and normalizing the general energy and emotional well-being of an individual.

- 7 Chakra Energy Treatments

- Water Mineral Activation

- Energy Boosting

7Chakra Activator


       Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel" or "vortex". We have seven master chakras (energy points) running from our heads to the base of our spine. These spinning centers of energy in our subtle body, a non-physical counterpart to our physical body, were named chakras due to their circular shape.

Mandala Violet Shield

The UV-C light of 180nm is a disinfection tool that generates ozone naturally. It offers a pulsing frequency range of 1Hz to 40MHz for a wide range of applications. The purpose of this product is for personal Aura fixing and energatic shielding

Mandala Resonator

The Universal Harmonizing Generator Modulator generates a natural magnetic field that counteracts harmful effects of WiFi and 5G signals in a 4x4 square meter area, promoting a calming and relaxing environment.  

It maintains a high frequency vibration for the user after a healing session and produces a low current magnetic field with a frequency range of 1Hz to 40MHz, sound frequencies and 16 million colors of LED light. It can be customized through a tablet application.

The pyramid quartz design is based on the angles of the Great Pyramid of Giza and provides immediate effects through its energy. The design also features a unique Universal 3D Pattern engraved on the inside.

Mandala Wand

An high-tech pulsed cold laser therapy that integrates VIOLET, RED, and Near Infrared Lasers, as well as a special scalar wave antenna. The energy is amplified by a Bifela antenna and 16 million color Photobiotics Therapy, including a UV-C 180nm LED, and all controlled by frequency pulsing from 1 Hz to 40 MHz.

The device is portable and designed for targeted healing, such as Chakra treatment or specific meridian therapy. The device is comes with Android tablet application that enables users to customize and personalize their therapy program.

Real-time Energetic Analysis

Bio Matrix


The device is accompanied by a Windows Application that provides real-time energy monitoring from various perspectives, using a special sensor that sends signals from one side and receives feedback from the other after a full body calibration. This demonstrates the energy cycle in the human body.

Mandala Bio Matrix Scan

Mandala Astral Star

Mandala Light Alchemy

Mandala Dynamic Scan