Mandala VN Star


Mandala VN Star


Interacting directly with both the higher and lower ranges of the Auric field spectrum. Operates in the ranges of Near Infrared below the visible red where our heat signatures reside and Violet, the highest vibration of the visible light where the main auric field begins. Harmonises and reestablishes the balance of the dense body.

The Mandala VNStar forms precise geometric patterns of coherent light, combining with the geometric structures of pure resonantly tuned crystals, the results are uniquely resonating fields of light. White lasers, resonantly tuned crystals and hand crafted gold-plated wave guides cut to precise universal geometric proportions. Light Mandalas explore the interactions between the resonant geometric photon fields on the human energetic and informational fields.

Geometric mandala fields deliver precise informational resonances, interacting through the human energetic meridian nodes, points, and informational fields, resulting in harmonious mental, emotional & psycho- spiritual states.

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Mandala VN Star

Accessories :

- Molecular Activated 7 Colors Healing Crystal set

- Photoporation crystal

- Pyramid Healing Wand

- Near-Infrared Testing Card

- Protection Glasses x 1

- Mandala Library

Mandala VN Star (Laser Class 3B)

Violet + Near Infrared     408 mW

-Near Infrared                 200 mW        808nm

- Violet                            208 mW        405nm

Scanning speed:             0-30kpps

Input Voltage:      AC110-220V 50-60Hz

Mandala VN Star: 316 patterns

Cooling System:    Fan Cooling

Working environment:        Indoor (-15 – 40 °C)

4 hours continually operation

Case Color:           black

Case Material:       Aluminum and Acrylic

Machine size:        26x18x15 cm

Gross Weight:      6kg

Due to the constant product improvements, the above specifications are approximate and are subject to change without notice.

Notes on the practice of low-level laser therapy (LLLT):

Low-level laser therapy is considered investigational by the FDA, and no medical claims of cures are permitted in the US; at this time, however, low-level lasers are defined within the scope of complimentary medical practices such Physiotherapy, Aesthetic Salons, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, etc.

It is a legal requirement that the user does not make any medical claims of diagnosis or cure.

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