A Scanning Technology Beyond Time

Your evaluation's partner. A tablet based evaluation tool detecting the degrees of deviation between the user’s Biomatrix Field and libraries of resonant supplements, identifies the most beneficial homeopathic remedies, Essential oils, Flower essences, crystals, emotional, mental balancing and improving needs, energetic (psycho-spiritual) issues, allergies or toxins.


 Mandala Scan applies specific resonant frequencies to the user and then registers the response on the informational level. If the resonance is high or low this will, depending on the selected mode, trigger a specific response from the M’Scan system. M’Scan goes into a feedback loop where it asks the body whether or not it  wants more of a specific frequency and detects the body’s response . All the scan result will generated in a report that is able to save and email.


Scanning Process

A synchronized scanning process between Mandala Scan and tablet shows us the status.

Red: Mental/Emotional level of functioning.

Blue: Heart, mind and soul beginning to connect.

Green: Merge between heart, mind and soul.

Mandala Scan is


uses no ionizing or destructive fields

The evaluation and balancing is risk-free, painless, without side effects.


Environmental allergy causing agents Harmonizing

Herbs (Oriental, Western)


Flower remedies

Mental peek performance

Essential oils

Emotional peek performance

Over 5,000 items in the Database including:

Homeopathic remedies

Crystals & Gem stones

Vitamins & Minerals

Emotional Stress patterns

Chemicals & toxins

Feng Shui (Geopathic)


Easily customizable database – items and remedies can be added used in your practice or field of expertise, which can be used for analysis and balancing

Pre-programmed Mandala White Star resonance library for over 1000 items and growing

*specs and product style may vary according to regular feature upgrades.