Sacred Light Resonance Tools for Ultimate Multidimensional Well-being

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“We bring you the latest healing technology that gently repairs the body’s energetic and informational fields by nourishing and supporting its weaker aspects & correcting its discordant energies.
Results? Harmonious Mental, Emotional & Psycho-spiritual states”

“Nourishing the Bodies Energetic & Informational fields”

Geometric mandala fields deliver precise informational resonances, interacting through the human energetic meridian nodes, points, and informational fields, resulting in harmonious mental, emotional & psycho-spiritual states.

We are a team of international scientists dedicated
to sharing our combined years of scientific research and studies on Light Nutrition, Photobiotics, Sacred Geometry & Crystals to develop tools that
enhance life, health & well-being

Sacred Geometry Science

Sacred geometry is the sacred language and blueprint of creation, based on shape, form, wave, and vibration - and from it the entire universe and all matter is formed.

The science of sacred geometry can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece, and it continues to be studied today in the modern science of fractals

“We are dedicated to enhancing your experience on earth”
Light Mandalas focuses on quality of life, health, and longevity rather than focusing on aging & disease

Our principal is prevention. We invest our time and energy in devising detailed and comprehensive tools for prevention through the process of psycho-physiological healing, using the Mandala tools to clear and harmonize your life - emotionally, physically, mentally and psycho-spiritually.

Structured Geometric Coherent Light

Light Mandalas tools, emit structured geometric fields of coherent light through crystal lattice structures, producing uniquely resonating and harmonizing photonic fields

Scan, analyze, report & heal with a touch of your screen

Ultimate Ease of Use

All Light Mandalas Tools are operated by an Android app through a Bluetooth connection to your mobile or tablet making it very easy to use

“Watch this interview with a practitioner that uses Light Mandalas Tools. Find out what she has to say about this technology along with some reviews of her clients”

An introduction to the laser modality of light nutrition, acupuncture, and therapy

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Mandala Light Alchemy
Mandala Pendant
Mandala Wand

Meet our Light Family

Mandala Scan

“Life Story in One Touch”

Mandala Scan is a tablet based Bio-resonance evaluation tool detecting & reporting the degrees of deviation between the user’s Bio-matrix Field and libraries of resonant supplements including homeopathic remedies, Essential oils, Flower essences, crystals, emotional & mental balancing, energetic (psycho-spiritual) issues, allergies or toxins

Mandala Rainbow Star

“Cosmic Rainbow on your Table”

The Rainbow Star Libraries includes an extensive collection of over 3,000 photon resonances promoting protection, energizing, mood improvement, clearing, healing, emotional balancing, clarity, and harmonizing relationships

Mandala VN Star

“Harmonizing & Balancing the Dense Body”

Interacts directly with both the higher and lower ranges of the Auric field spectrum. Harmonizes and re-establishes the balance of the dense body. Rainbow Star enhances the atmosphere of spaces resulting in improved mood and overall energetic benefits; it creates custom ambient atmospheres influencing moods and consciousness states through brain wave and bio-field entertainment. Perfect for Spas, relaxation & wellness studios, health retreats and meditation spaces

Zero Point Sphere

“The Combined Healing Power of Light, Crystals & Markabas”

Made from Quartz crystal, consists of 90 Markabas (star tetrahedrons) and is designed to converge light at the center of small triangles lens making the 180 plane of the Zero Point Sphere gathering light of all frequency bands at the center of the Zero Point Sphere

Mandala Dome

Is a Photon scalar wave generator, the photons emitted by the dome are directly transformed into a four dimensional space. It helps people absorb photons faster and more efficiently. It is also a Homeopathic Remedy maker, an S Wave Shield generator and is used to program crystals or fluids with libraries of resonances

Mandala Light Alchemy Pulser

“All Known Elements Signatures”

A 16 million color solid state light source used as a color therapy system, programmed to recreate the spectral resonances for libraries of elements, trace minerals, Homeopathic cell salts and outputs the precise colors representing each element. Works perfectly with Mandala Scan

Mandala Wand

“Ultimate Wellness & Balance”

A powerful portable size Light Mandala Low-Level pulsed Laser light healing wand with Red, Near Infrared and Violet lasers as well as longitudinal Wave emitters to correct the energetic and informational fields from interfering or discordant energies and restores their balance. Use personally for yourself, friends and family or use professionally to provide sessions for your clients

Mandala Pendant

“Wellness on the Move!”

Pendent for personal healing or for healing others

*Violet & Red Lasers

*Near Infrared Infinity Scalar Shielding

* All function with 7.83Hz Schumann Resonance

*Comes with a set of seven Chakra crystals and one Photoporation Sphere

“If you’re not sure which Mandala tool is the best for your practice, business or personal use you can request an online consultation and one of our team members will help you identify the most suitable tool according to your needs and objectives”
“Become a channel of light”

“Support our mission, let this light healing technology reach the world”

We have created the latest technology to enhance the human experience and now it is time for it to reach the whole world

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Mandala Pendant

Balance and Protection on the move!

Amazing wearable light technology in the form of a beautiful pendant. Using sacred geometrical shapes coupled with Light Mandala quantum healing technology

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