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Mandala Pendant

Amazing wearable light technology in the form of a beautiful pendant. Using sacred geometrical shapes coupled with Light Mandala quantum healing technology for assisting in protecting the wearer from electromagnetic interference. Pendant also creates a powerful field of light encompassing wearer with harmonizing frequencies for more balanced energy, and a healthier body and mind. It is user-friendly and travels well. It is wonderful for sensitive and empathic people who need added shielding in social settings, around WIFI and other technology. It is great to use in the home, workplace and any type of environment.


Mandala Wand

powerful portable size Light Mandala Low-Level pulsed Laser light healing wand with Red, Near Infrared and Violet lasers as well as longitudinal Wave emitters to correct the energetic and informational fields from interfering or discordant energies and restores their balance. Includes libraries of frequencies and playlists for many purposes. Android interface for custom programming. It offers multiple uses as an advanced healing tool for Healing practitioners and anyone interested in their optimal wellness and balance.

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Mandala Light Alchemy

The Mandala Light Alchemy is a 16 million colour solid state light source programmed to recreate the spectral resonances for libraries of elements, trace minerals, Homeopathic cell salts and outputs the precise colours representing each element. The space shifts colours between:

 Red: mental/emotional level of functioning

Blue: heart, mind and soul beginning to connect.

Green: merge between heart, mind and soul.