Mandala Add-ons


Photoporation sphere

Clear quartz crystal photoporation capsules, that allows the user to explore the resonant effects of various substances, such as flower essences, essential oils, herbal remedies or structured water. The resulting resonant photon fields reflects the properties of the chosen substance, and interacts with the body’s energetic and informational fields, producing tangible healing effects, Works with Mandala Watch, Mandala Wand and Mandala White Star.


Crystal Sphere Set      

  •  Amethyst - Crown

  • Lapis lazuli - 3rd eye

  • Aquamarine - Throat

  • Aventurine - Heart

  • Calcite - Solar Plexus

  • Carnelian - Sexual center

  • Black Tourmaline - Base


Mandala Tripod        

Holder for crystal Wands for all Light Mandals tools .