Mirror Neurons “The most hyped concept in neuroscience”.

Mirror Neurons “The most hyped concept in neuroscience”.
Neuroscience reveals the source of Empathy, Compassion and Extra Sensory Perception. 

Research on mirror neurons revealed that when we watch someone doing something or think of doing the same ourselves, the same neurons that fire in their brain also fire in our brain. By watching them, we end up thinking and feeling the same thing they feel by doing. This works on many subtler levels also.

Our neurons “mirror” their neurons. In other words, when someone eats ice cream, their neurons think “yummy”. When we watch someone eat ice cream, or think of eating it, our “yummy” neurons light up the same way.



Mirror neurons

Multiplying laser power using diamonds.

The Star Wars 'superlaser' may no longer be sci-fi

April 3, 2017

In a world-leading study researchers at Macquarie University have proven a method for multiplying laser power using diamond, demonstrating that a laser similar to the Star Wars 'superlaser' may no longer remain in science fiction.


The research, published in Laser and Photonics Reviews demonstrates a concept – reminiscent of the Star Wars Death Star sci-fi laser – where the power of multiple laser beams is transferred into a single intense output beamthat can be directed to the intended target.

This new laser development has real-world and high-stakes applications in which high power lasers are seen as a key tool in areas such as defence.

"Researchers are developing high power lasers to combat threats to security from the increased proliferation of low-cost drones and missile technology. High power lasers are also needed in space applications including powering space vehicles and tackling the growing space junk problem that threatens satellites," said co-author Associate Professor Rich Mildren.

The key to the high-powered beam is placing an ultra-pure diamond crystal at the point of convergence, and the beam-combining is achieved in diamond by harnessing a co-operative effect of the crystal that causes intense light beams to transfer their power into a selected direction while avoiding the beam distortion problems of single laser technologies.

"This discovery is technologically important as laser researchers are struggling with increasing power beyond a certain level due to the large challenges in handling the large heat build-up, and combining beams from multiple lasers is one of the most promising ways to substantially raise the power barrier," said lead experimentalist Dr Aaron McKay.

Diamond beam combining is a novel alternative to other concepts being currently trialed elsewhere in the world, and in this study, beam combining in diamond has the unique advantage that the process also changes the colour of the laser beam.

"The particular wavelength of the directed energy beam is critical to the efficient transmission through the atmosphere and to reduce the eye hazard for people, or indeed animals, who may be in the vicinity of the beam," said Associate Professor Mildren.

Although other materials have exhibited the same type of beam combining properties, the choice of diamond is essential for high power. The power-transfer effect at the heart of the device, called Raman scattering, is particularly strong in diamond. Also, crucially, diamond is outstanding for its ability to rapidly dissipate waste heat.



Credit: Macquarie University

Human Informational Fields

The field of scalar and vector potentials in electrodynamics is shown to represent an informational field capable of superluminally transmitting information with no energy and momentum transfer. 
That superluminal communication is possible is seen from the fact that the own field, generated by particles and inseparable from them, transforms the environment into a special physical medium which is capable to instantaneously transfer information about any changes, happening to a particle in the region of its basic localization, to arbitrarily large distances.  
The phenomenon of superluminal communication is caused by the non-local connection of scalar and vector potentials with the electric and magnetic field strengths. 


Human Energy Field.jpg