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Mandala White Star



  • Introduction    >>


    Mandala White Star forms precise geometric patterns of coherent light, combining with the geometric structures of pure resonantly tuned crystals, the results are uniquely resonating fields of light. White lasers, resonantly tuned crystals and hand crafted gold-plated wave guides cut to precise universal geometric proportions. Light Mandalas explore the interactionsbetween the resonant geometric photon fields on the human energetic and informational fields. Mandala White Star creates custom ambient atmospheres influencing moods and consciousness states through brain wave and bio-field entrainment.


    Geometric mandala fields deliver precise informational resonances, interacting through the human energetic meridian nodes, points, and informational fields, resulting in harmonious mental, emotional & psycho- spiritual states. Mandala White Star enhances the atmosphere of spaces resulting in improved mood and energetic benefits; for relaxation & wellness studios, health retreats and personal meditation spaces.



  • Included          >>


    - 7 crystal sphere set

    - Photoporation sphere

    - Ambient field sphere

    - Light cable Crystal Wand

    - Mandala Library


    Mandala White Star includes the mandala library withcollection of light resonances and wave forming light fields promoting protection, energizing, happiness, clearing, healing, DNA activation, emotional state balancing, positive influence on outcomes, clarity, and relationships harmonizing. Send scanned results wirelessly to Mandala White Star as a timed playlist or manually selected.



  • Specifications >>

    Model                                         Mandala Rainbow Star 500mW


    Dimensions and Weight              L X W X H


                                                        316 x 254 x 150 mm

                                                        4.26 Kg


    Power Supply Range                  Consumption

                                                        200-240V 50/60Hz



    Laser source                              Red: 650 nm

                                                       Green: 532 nm

                                                       Blue: 450 nm


    Type                                           DPSS Class 3B Laser


    Scanner speed                          20kHz


Mandala Scan

  • Introduction    >>


    Mandala Scan is a tablet based evaluation tool detecting the degrees of deviation between the user’s Biomatrix Field and libraries ofresonant supplements, identifies the most beneficial homeopathic remedies, Essential oils, Flower essences , crystals, emotional, mental and energetic (psycho-spiritual) issues, allergies and toxins and reports the findings.

    M’Scan applies specific resonant frequencies to the user and then registers the response on the informational level. If the resonance is high or low this will, depending on the selected mode, trigger a specific response from the M’Scan system. M’Scan goes into a feedback loop where it asks the body whether or not it  wants more of a specific frequency and detects the body’s response . The body decides the results. Then produces a report.


    Mandala Scan is:


    uses no ionizing or destructive fields

    The evaluation and balancing is risk-free, painless, without side effects.





  • Included          >>


    Over 5,000 items in the Database including:

    Homeopathic remedies

    Crystals & Gem stones

    Vitamins & Minerals

    Emotional Stress patterns

    Chemicals & toxins

    Feng Shui (Geopathic)

    Environmental allergy causing agents Harmonizing

    Herbs (Oriental, Western)


    Flower remedies

    Mental peek performance

    Essential oils

    Emotional peek performance




  • Specifications >>

    Easily customizable database – items and remedies can be added used in your practice or field of expertise, which can be used for analysis and balancing

    Pre-programmed Mandala White Star resonance library for over 1000 items and growing



    *specs and product style may vary according to regular feature upgrades.




*for illustration purposes only

Mandala Light Alchemy

  • Introduction    >>


    The Mandala Bio Interactive Sensor detects different stages of the Psycho-physiological coherence and changes the colour of the space to reflect it.


    The space shifts colours between:


    Red: mental/emotional level of functioning

    Blue: heart, mind and soul beginning to connect.

    Green: merge between heart, mind and soul.


    The Mandala light is a biofeedback technology that monitors the state of coherence between mind, body and spirit of the user and provides a bright light representing the current state. Once one is connected to the sensor and the coloured light module installed in the room, the entire room changes colour depending on the state received by the sensor and acts also as colour therapy system where the body receives its deficient colours though exposure to the colors detected by the sensor. A complete system of all 3 products is available using a single sensor that drives the Sphere, tablet and light simultaneously and the 3 part system is lower in price than all 3 separately.




  • Included          >>


    Bio Interactive Mandala Light


    *note: Mandala Coherence sensor sold separately.





  • Specifications >>



    Voltage input:                              AC 200-240V, 50/60Hz

    Power:                                        100W

    Light source:                               9pcs 10w LEDs (RGBW)

    LEDs lifetimes:                            100000 hours

    Color:                                          RGB color mixing, 16.7 million colours

    Dimmer:                                      0-100% linear dimmer

    Communication:                          Bluetooth

    Weight:                                        4kg

    Size:                                            330*310*150mm


    *specs and product style may vary according to regular feature upgrades.



Mandala Watch


  • Introduction    >>


    Mandala Watch irradiates the blood with photons through the wrist arteries and special acupuncture points on the wrist. Two additional components are provided; the Nasal Applicator which irradiates the blood supply to the head through the blood vessels in the nasal cavity and the Crystal Wand which transports the vibrations of each respective crystal, or photoporation capsule, to its target. The photons irradiating the blood through the watch, and the resonant photons from the crystal applicator, combine internally to create a localized resonant photonic field, with beneficial effects to the targeted areas (organ, gland, chakra, meridian or acupuncture point), including internal healing, energizing the cells and the prevention of a wide range of diseases (see Reference section for more details).





  • Included          >>


     - 7 laser Mandala Watch- 7 crystal sphere set- Photoporation capsule- Crystal Wand- Nasal Applicator- Wand tripod  Crystal set 1. Amethyst - Crown2. Lapis lazuli - 3rd eye3. Aquamarine - Throat4. Aventurine - Heart5. Calcite - Solar Plexus6. Carnelian - Sexual center7. Black Tourmaline - Base     



  • Specifications >>

    • Laser medium: GaAIA semiconductor diodes


    • Laser wavelength: 650 nm


    • Number of terminal laser: 6 apertures


    • Maximum power output of single terminal laser: 5 mW


    • Terminal laser output control: 3 levels can be adjustment.


    • Time range for treatment: 10~60 minutes, 6 periods can be adjusted


    • Lithium battery voltage: Direct current of 3.7-4.2 V


    • Output voltage of charger: 5V


    • Consumed power of instrument: less than 1 w


    • Ambient temperature: 5-40 oC


    • Relative humidity: ≤ 80%



Mandala Wand

  • Introduction    >>


    Mandala Wand is the most versatile, portable Mandala product used for localised application. It transports the vibrations of each respective crystal or photoporation capsule, to its target, through violet laser – the colour with the highest vibrational frequency.





  • Included          >>


     - Mandala Wand- Wand tripod- 7 crystal sphere set- Photoporation capsule   Crystal set 1. Amethyst - Crown2. Lapis lazuli - 3rd eye3. Aquamarine - Throat4. Aventurine - Heart5. Calcite - Solar Plexus6. Carnelian - Sexual center7. Black Tourmaline - Base     



  • Specifications >>

    • Measurement: ¢25.5*145mm


    • Output Wavelength:405nm


    • Average Power:420mw


    • Circuit Control :7V(Reverse Voltage Protection)


    • Working Current:1.6A


    • Working Voltage:DC=9v


    • Start-up

Mandala Add-ons

  • Photoporation sphere    >>


    Clear quartz crystal photoporation capsules, that allows the user to explore the resonant effects of various substances, such as flower essences, essential oils, herbal remedies or structured water. The resulting resonant photon fields reflects the properties of the chosen substance, and interacts with the body’s energetic and informational fields, producing tangible healing effects, Works with Mandala Watch, Mandala Wand and Mandala White Star.

  • Crystal Sphere Set         >>

     1. Amethyst - Crown2. Lapis lazuli - 3rd eye3. Aquamarine - Throat4. Aventurine - Heart5. Calcite - Solar Plexus6. Carnelian - Sexual center7. Black Tourmaline - Base

  • Mandala Tripod            >>

    Holder for crystal Wands for all Light Mandals tools .



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